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Practical and Proven

Home Based Business Ideas

Here are practical and proven home based business ideas, each with How-to-Start resources, are offered as full time or part time opportunities.

These suggestions are also ideal home business ideas for women and home business ideas for retirees.

Each has very low start up costs and they are not get rich quick schemes.

You should prosper with each.

So, let's get started reviewing three high demand home business ideas.

High Demand Home Business Ideas

Elder Care

Arlene, my neighbor’s Sister has operated a daycare, catering to the elderly, for the last three years.

We had a SKYPE call recently.

Arlene’s message loud and clear was, “I wish there were three or four of me. There is such a crying need. Once people heard I was open, I was filled to capacity in three weeks!”

Arlene works out of her home. She loves her work!

The relatives of each of her six clients pay her $350 for 5-day-a-week (Mon. through Fri. 8:30AM to 5:30PM) care. She has a minimum 3-month contract. For this provides loving care, individual attention to meet her client’s needs and meal preparation.

Two on-call part timers that she has trained provide fee-for-service services, which include transportation to doctors, errand running and even housekeeping services in a client’s home.

Two Saturdays a month Arlene offers companionship in her home for two clients between the hours of 10:00AM to 2:00PM for $95 per person.

Arlene makes a great income from her services.

Write and Sell your eBook.

Joan Hampton, from western Wyoming is a walking encyclopedia about the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in southwest Wyoming.

As a housewife, with four-year-old twins, she spends what personal time she has writing about the Gorge and surrounding area. Her hope is to market her book through Amazon and on the Internet.

She told me that she is probably not the best writer but she hopes her passion for the Flaming Gorge shines through each page that she writes. She wants so much to share her enthusiasm with the world.

She got the idea of writing an ebook when she saw so many ebooks selling on the Web. She thought this could actually develop into income.

Joan has acquired two ebooks to guide her in her endeavor.

  1. Make Your Words Sell is totally FREE and is read Internationally. Because she will use the Internet for some of her sales, she needed to learn how to write for it. It is different than writing for a traditional book.
  2. Kip Garret’s How to Write and Sell Your Own eBook is considered the best in the field. Fully 159 pages filled with key information, it is worth very serious consideration.

I Don’t Have Anything to Sell Business

Truly, one of the best home based business ideas you could ever consider is that of starting your own online business.

Three Quick Items:

  • First, you do not need to know anything, yes, anything about how to build a website.

  • Second, you may sell any product you want to on the Web. But, most websites do not sell a product but give away free information and still earn a significant income.
  • Third, as one of the small home based business ideas you may investigate, please know that the training you may elect to receive is used by over 40,000 entrepreneurs and is taught in over 30 colleges and universities.

So, how do you learn to have a profitable online business?

Simple, you explore the each-step-of-the-way guide of a company called Solo Build It, just like I do with this website.

It is totally true: You do not need to have anything to sell on the Internet in order to make money! Solo Build It shows you how to do this! They will change your life forever, just like they did mine!

Thank you for visiting Practical and Proven Home Based Business Ideas.

Helpful Professional Resources

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U.S. Small Business Administration: Starting an Online Business

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Additional Small Business Ideas

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