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A Home Based Bookkeeping Service

Easy As Pie

Boost your income by starting a home based bookkeeping service. It is a tremendous, highly profitable, life-long income sustaining opportunity.

I'll share my experience and provide simple "how-to-start" guides, which can allow you to leap your competitors and grab significant market share of the bookkeeping services in your community.

From experience I understand completely how important it is to the bottom line ($$$) to seek help from others with the know-how to build a company.

As with any start up, including a home based bookkeeping service, get rich quick is not realistic.

However, if you're serious about starting a bookkeeping business and want to educate yourself in the proper way to achieve success, a bookkeeping career is a solid opportunity.

So, What is the Current Marketplace Like?

All businesses large and small are required to produce financial records.

Small company owners can't afford to hire accounting firms who charge $200 to $300 per hour for their services. Your hourly charges of $30 to $60 make you immediately attractive.

My neighbor, an accounting major, quit his "big three" accounting firm after six years.

For slightly more than three years he has been working from his home serving the bookkeeping needs of local companies. He studied "how to do bookkeeping" from resources like those listed below.

Since starting his venture, he and his family are much happier.

In a certain sense, as a bookkeeper, you are an individual outside your client’s company, having an important hand in guiding her or him in running their business.

Bookkeeping Services Needed by Small Companies

  1. The keeping and recording of weekly/monthly income and expenses.
  2. Help develop the annual budget forecast.
  3. Payroll, withholding and processing government tax payments and other forms.
  4. Quarterly tax payments.
  5. Tax planning for the company and the owner(s).
  6. Annual tax reporting to the IRS, State and Local Government.

Prosper Even If You Have No Experience

This is a fact.

I went to the library and checked out a book used by high school students called, “Elementary Bookkeeping.” It had big type and was about 78 pages long. It was simple and straight forward.

That’s my accounting background!

What I learned was:

  • that if I could do simple add, subtract and divide math I could be a great bookkeeper
  • there are so many helpful resources available to guide me or anyone in starting a home based bookkeeping service, that sales success would not be a problem.

An advantage of starting a home based bookkeeping service is you can begin part time even while employed full time. When you’re ready to leave your employer to be your own boss…just do it!

Please Consider This Helpful Resource to Jump Start Your Opportunity

  1. QuickBooks: 22 Steps to Use It Wisely : Scott Gregory is internationally known and for good reason. He digs deep into QuickBooks, the #1 bookkeeping tool, providing insight into its use and saving your time as you serve your clients.

A Helpful Professional Association

American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

Thank you for visiting Starting A Home Based Bookkeeping Service.

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