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Free Personal Help
Starting A Small Business

Yes, free personal help starting a small business is absolutely available. No strings are attached.

My mission is to Pay It Forward.

I bring over 40 years of small business building experience to assist you for free, as you consider starting any online or offline business anywhere in the world.

This is not a trick, a come-on or a "gotcha" to suck you into purchasing something.


This is a simple, sincere offer to work with you, no matter where you live in the world, via email and Skype to:

  1. Help you select the best business
  2. Position your effort in the best competitive niche available
  3. Help you determine the first, the second, the third, the fourth step, etc. necessary to make your passion successful
  4. Assist in budget planning
  5. Work with you to determine how best to market your venture


NOTE: I’m available to help you, even if you want to ask a single business question or two.  The point is, I want to assist you in any way I may. I do not set any roadblocks to providing free help starting a small business.

Counseling Philosophy

Over the years, as I’ve developed my small companies, employees, friends, even complete strangers have assisted me. I was always struck by their willingness and openness, as they offered suggestions, to make by company better.

Early on in my career, I have made it part of me, to help others.

In fact, I believe we are put on earth to help others.

This compelling passion is just who I am. You might say its part of my Philosophy of Life.

As part of my counseling philosophy, I am a firm believer in the following:



I can assist you with knowledge, but you must bring determination to be successful. Starting any business is challenging and can be frustrating at times. It is your determination to make it work that should always be part of your DNA.

How We Start Our Business Relationship

You may contact me simply by clicking on my photo above.

I will respond via email.

After you respond, I will be asking you several questions so that I may know more about your ideas or the area in which you want my help.

My goal is to give you free help in starting a small business so that you don't waste your time and money on your journey to profitability.

To be totally up front with you, I may offer you, from time to time, fully researched and possible helpful resources for which I receive a small commission which helps support my website and my family.

I only offer these because I believe the information they contain will be of benefit to you.

However, it is "totally up to you" whether you make any purchase or not.

Your actions one way or another, will NOT affect my strong desire to help you be successful in your efforts. I just wanted you to know this.


Again, if I may help you start and grow any small business, please just click on my photo above. I look forward to your success.

Thank you for visiting Free Personal Help Starting a Small Business.

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