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Green Business Ideas

Sustainable green business ideas enable an entrepreneur to select from a collection of sustainable businesses.

Green business opportunities may be home-based, started in small towns, in rural areas or in your neighborhood business district.

Quirky But Proven Green Businesses

It seems sort of off the wall but each of these entrepreneurs supplement their family’s income with these quirky green businesses.

License Plates

Julie from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma turns old license plates into, are you ready for this…purses and cell phone holders! Her garage is her workshop. She exports most of her products to England and Germany.

Old Tires

Cary form Chattanooga, Tennessee has solid income from making laptop-carrying cases from recycled used tires. She can’t make enough of them. The Internet has her sending her product internationally.

Beat up Silverware

Katie from Sitka, Alaska turns old, even tarnished silverware, into jewelry.

She currently has two part timers helping her with production.

The Internet is her marketing machine!

She recently shipped 144 pieces of jewelry to Nassau in the Bahamas.

Junk into Gems

William from Cincinnati, Ohio makes lamps literally from basement/garage junk.

He uses parts of downspouts, wicker baskets, broken power tools, crummy and mostly broken toys, yard spades and rakes and even hand tools.

And you know what? They are gems!

He sells them locally at antique, collectible and gift stores and makes a killing! He has turned a relaxing hobby into significant income.

Old Worn Out Clothes

Holly from Columbus, Ohio goes after to cool kids market by altering clothes she buys from Goodwill. How does she alter them?

She tears them, sews odd-shaped patches, adds rhinestones, goofy names, etc. She says I turn second-hand clothes into hotsee totsee clothing that the kids just love. There are one of a kind and sought after.

Traditionally Highly Profitable Green Business Ideas

Beat Up Furniture

Arthur from Quincy, Massachusetts’s has one of the best green business ideas. He searches for old and beat up yard sale type furniture.

He not only refinishes but adds a one-of-a-kind touch. He places a decal of a historic scene somewhere on each piece and lacquers a protective coating over it.

This makes them “high-end” and expensive. He distributes them through independent furniture stores who seek custom pieces not available in the mass market.

Another Green Business Idea
With “How-To-Start Guide”

Helpful Professional Resources

U. S. Small Business Administration

Additional Small Business Ideas

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