Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
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The importance of fundraising for nonprofit organizations grows each year.

The key is to determine how to work smarter rather than harder. So, that's what we'll do.

Large amounts of management and staff time are traditionally devoted each year, year after year to such events.

It is statistically difficult to determine the net monetary return for the average nonprofit, the size of which is usually less than eight employees.

A reasoned estimate of the financial return is normally $15,000 to $40,000 for these events.

This may be a significant portion of their budget.

The execution of the event is hard but necessary work, gobbling-up large chunks of effort.

But, there is another option for you to consider.

The Plan

Consider starting an Internet Business.

Yes, this is thinking outside the box. But online businesses work well.


A person on your staff or a volunteer has knowledge and is passionate about something: a hobby, a vacation spot, a collector of items, cooking, raising chipmunks, etc., etc., etc.

This person(s) needs to know nothing about building a profitable business website. If they can write an email and compose a word document, then they can follow a simple step-by-step guide to build a website.

I strongly recommend you consider the successful and profitable methodology of Site Build It (SBI).

Thousands of entrepreneurs build "business" websites with SBI. All the tools you;ll ever need are included in SBI for a low monthly fee of $29.99 (or $299 annually).

If you want to seriously consider this fundraising option for your nonprofit, please take 15 or 20 minutes to view this worthwhile


Make Money

If You Wish I May Help

Sometimes, when conducting fundraising for nonprofit organizations using the Internet as a vehicle for profits, people just want assurances or additional confidence that they are going about it the right way.

If that is your case you may consider becoming one of my clients.

My strength is assisting you in the selection of your business opportunity and positioning it in the perfect marketplace niche.

This is how I may help.

  • I will spend up to eight hours on the phone or Skype counseling your organization each step of the way.
  • Together, we'll investigate, research and research some more to select the best domain name for your business.
  • We'll identify your competition and how to best position your business to be competitive.
  • We'll select solid keywords for your organization to use to attract visitors to your site.

There is a one time upfront fee of $395 for my services. No other fees or up-charges ever.

You do not need to use my services to launch a truly profitable Internet Business for your nonprofit.

Solo Build It has been around for some time with proven tools to make entrepreneurs successful.

So please check out SBI.

If I may assist you in any way, please just contact me.

Thank you for visiting Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations.

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