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Starting Your Freelance Career

5 Keys For Success

It can be a wild ride starting your freelance career. How wild depends on following 5 proven keys that will make your business profitable.

For instance, if you are starting out with a client already in hand, then lucky you. If not, your ride may be a bit bumpy.

The Name of the Game

Your career will be highly successful when you stay focused on one word and put it into practice everyday. That word is marketing, marketing and marketing.


To execute a great marketing strategy it is imperative to have a solid professional website.

It must contain keyword pages that get found by potential clients searching for assistance from a freelancer or independent contractor. Those key word pages reflect your skills, knowledge and experience of your freelancing career. This is your website marketing window worldwide.

There is one company, and only one, whose website building methodology is taught in over 30 colleges and universities. It is taught because this company is the only one who can show Proof that following their methodology will produce a professional website that is also an online business.

Over 40,000 entrepreneurs, including me, use that company. Please consider Site Build It. No, none and zero website building experience is needed.

Your website will likely take the place of what has been (as in the past) the traditional first interview.

There are 3-doors you must pass through to get that online freelance job.

  1.  Your Freelance Resume
  2.  Your Professional Website
  3.  Your Initial Contact by the Client


Learn the freelance resume writing skills that will get that first door open.

Your resume is critical. It must be rewritten for each job you apply for. It must also include the URL of your website.

As you can see from exploring the above link, you may only have a second or ten to make the impression you need to have the prospective client make.


Never stop networking.

Your professional website, if built correctly, will be your networking window to the world. People worldwide searching for solutions to their needs will find your Site.

Local, regional and national potential business, in addition to what your website attracts, will come from personal networking efforts. These efforts may include:

  • Existing Professional Relationships
  • Joining the Chamber of Commerce
  • Joining and participating in organizations and professional associations
  • Participating in appropriate trade shows as an exhibitor or as a presenter or panel member at breakout sessions

Continue marketing yourself. Never stop. Do what ever it takes to enhance your freelance career to get those first 6 to 8 freelance jobs. After this, word spreads and potential clients start calling you.


Set your fees high.

Don’t be timid. It’s true. Pricing has much to do with credibility and the favorable perception of your abilities.

This will work. You need to change your mindset away from using sources like Odesk, Elance, Krop, FreelanceSwitch, etc. These will only hold back your freelance career.

A friend introduced me to this outstanding resource: The Freelance Success Engine.

While it does require an investment in yourself of $97, hopefully, your return will be hundreds if not a thousand times more.

This successful program will guide you in setting your fees and in finding the right sources for freelance jobs. Here is a free Webinar to get you started.

This wonderful program is highly worth your consideration.


Use social media and forums.

The world is media and smartphone savvy. You need to be also.

You need a FaceBook Business presence. Having a Google + site would also help with marketing. Yes, these take time to post on daily or as frequently as you can. But, they attract visitors who are interested in what you have to say. This is a way to build your freelance career quicker.

Freelance forums are a collection of like-minded people who share and render support. A ton of marketing nuggets often come through professional forums. Here is one of the best:


The freelancing business is often not easy. I know, I’ve been there. However, if you continually market yourself, your freelancing career will pay huge dividends.

Thank you for visiting Starting Your Freelance Career.

Additional Small Business Ideas

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