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The Exceptional
Flea Market Business
2 Keys For Success

Who ever thought the flea market business would be so exceptional?

No mater if you sell items on the many online flea markets or in a flea market booth, I'll show you how it's done...the right way.

Flea market merchandise is not just junk, selling stuff that you've picked up at yard sales, swap meets, etc., although this could be the case.


A winning flea market enterprise takes more planning than that.

Here's how.

2 Keys for Success

        1.  Business Decision: (A) a flea market booth; (B) online flea markets; (C) both

        2.  Wholesale Flea Market Items for Your Store

1.  Business Decision

What you want to know is which type of effort is the most profitable; having a booth or doing it online?

The answer is not simple. Both can be significantly profitable.

I suggest it really boils down to the time you have to devote.

The Flea Market Options

The Flea Market Booth

Typically, entrepreneurs have a booth at an existing flea market. Booths size and location to the market’s entrance often determines the price charged to you by the market operator. Markets are generally open on weekends.

It’s like a retail store. You acquire merchandise (please see below) and stock your space.

An advantage to having a booth is the operator does the flea market advertising. This cuts your expenses.

Designing your market space is critical. Your design will depend on your budget, the type of products you offer and the nature of the competition inside the market.

To find the best fit for you I suggest:

  • Visiting as many flea markets as you are able within a 180-mile radius of your home in order to get ideas from existing vendors.
  • Search the Internet for "Flea Market Booth Ideas."

Online Flea Markets

  • There are a ton of online flea markets. They essentially all operate the same way:
  • You may list one or multiple items free
  • Upload a photo of each item, a brief description and price it to sell quickly
  • Generally, you can have videos, blog your products and promote them via twitter and facebook for free
  • When your product sells, you pay the online market a small fee usually 3% or 5% depending upon the selling price
  • Most online entrepreneurs use what is called a drop shipper for their listed merchandise (Please see below.)
  • In addition, you may want to create a business website to promote your products

Here is an excellent online flea market you may consider:


2.   Wholesale Flea Market Items

Obviously, the nature of potential competition will help determine the selection or theme of your business.

There are lots of competitors for every aspect of retailing or flea marketing. Don’t be afraid or nervous. Profitability depends on how well you operate your business. This is the real world.

This resource is excellent when purchasing flea market items :

Salvage Closeouts, Inc.

Online Wholesale Flea Market Items

Please seriously consider the use of a reputable drop ship wholesaler. It’s easy. It’s profitable. It’s a no brainer.

I personally highly recommend you seriously consider using Worldwide Brands. They are internationally known, dependable and offer the most training and free business-building resources to guide you in growing your online business. They are #1.

Add an Extra Profitability Kick

Some flea market entrepreneurs who want to work toward working full time also consider adding an eBay effort.

Starting an eBay Business as part of you planning usually produces stronger profitability. 

Thank you for visiting The Exceptional Flea Market Business.

Helpful Professional Resources

National Flea Market Association

U.S. Small Business Administration: Starting a Business

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