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Fast Ways To Make Money

Discovering the fast ways to make money is intriguing and sometimes surprising. 

Generally, the easiest ways to make money fast do not have income longevity. Then again, with a little more thought and with some planning there are ways to speed up your receiving income and having it last as a regular profitable small business.

Let’s explore how to do this.

1.  Short Term Fast Money

If you need money this week (and a paycheck advance check cashing store is not an option), here are some common and less common ways to make money fast.

Become a Human Billboard: Offer to have a removable tattoo placed on one or more of your body parts. For example have a tattoo placed on your forehead, your chest or on your back. Then you mix and mingle with folks in a high traffic area. You’re a conversation piece as you advertise your product as you walk around.

Donate Body Parts: We’re not talking about donating a kidney, an eye or a lung. No, this is illegal. However, donating your hair (http://www.buyandsellhair.com), extra breast milk or plasma (hospital or blood bank) is immediate cash in your pocket.

I’m sure you can name more ways to make fast money from listing items for sale on Craigslist to trying your hand at a casino. Good luck.

Medical Research Ginny Pig: At any one time there may be 300 to 500 medical research project needing volunteers. University Medical Centers and Research Instutes often need volunteers to evaluate the effect of certain medications on different people. And, of course, you’re paid for your time and travel

The fastest way to see if you qualify for a research project is simply to type on the subject line “medical research projects” followed by the name of a university medical center or large city near you. 

Donate your Sperm:  Locate a Sperm Bank near you. See, a simple but fast ways to make money.

Wrap Your Car in an Advertisement:  It’s simple. Just type in “car wrap advertising” and a ton of options lay before you.

Hold a Garage or Yard Sale: Clean out your “stuff,” price it to move. Take the cash and discover one of the fast ways to make money. Maybe a neighbor or even the whole block you live on will participate. The more the merrier, plus you can split your classified Ad newspaper cost.

Extra Cash with an Online Gig:  Anything from taking photos and posting them on http://www. 123.com to signing up on Amazon’s Mechanical Truk program. You probably won’t make a ton but, at least, it’s something to do and you get paid for it!

2.  Long Term Fast Money:

Babysitter Jobs: So you think babysitting is just for teenagers? Wrong.

Melinda, my friend from Oklahoma City, is 47 years of age. I knew she did babysitting to earn extra income. I called her to chat and to get the scoop on how she was doing.

I never should have asked. She’s literally over her head with business. She said if she could clone herself on weekends, she could retire early. Fast ways to make money certainly fits here.

Here’s her path to success.

She is a full time Mom with two kids of her own, ages 8 and 12. She started three years ago by “helping out a neighbor” on a Friday night by babysitting her two children ages 4 and 7. Another neighbor heard about this and called Melinda, and so on and so on until she had quite a clientele.

Long story short, Melinda has never advertised her services, yet turns people away whenever she reaches about 25 hours per week working, which is more often than not. After all, she is a Mom herself!

She charges $20/hr. for the first four hours and $30/hr. for additional hours.

She told me that people love the fact that she is a Mom with kids of her own and will pay her fees because they see her a being peace of mind when it comes to her taking care of their children.

Maturity helps!

Sell Items on eBay: From personal experience, it took me about three hours poking around the eBay website for me to get the bare basics of how it works.

That afternoon I posted an older woodworking vice for sale along with a picture of it and a two-sentence description of it. I set the bid time of 4 days ending at 10 PM EST.

At 9 PM on the fourth day the bid was $18. At 10 PM the winning bid was $124. WOW!

Here’s a page on my website about starting an eBay business. You can really see why eBay joins the fast ways to make money club.

Mystery Shopping: Not as easy as it looks but very rewarding after you become knowledgeable on the ways to perfect this exciting and interesting job. Yes, you need to have the proven skills of the trade in order to make the big bucks. Maybe this will get you started?

Taking Surveys and More:Taking surveys is right up there on the fast ways to make money.

Here again, knowledge is the key. This way you know how to spot the hoaxes and tricksters.

Actually, the survey business is much broader than just taking online surveys. You’l find this action filled with a good share of joy and cash rewards.

Affiliate Marketing: There is a buzz about being an affiliate marketer. People may tell you “fish tales” about how they are making a killing . The truth is that you need to learn what affiliate marketing is and how to get started on a solid foundation. Being an affiliate marketer is hard work, made less hard by learning how to properly do it.

And, yes, you can make significant dollars.

Starting an Online Retail Business: Even if you have no knowledge about building a “business” website, as apposed to just building a website that looks for business, you can learn how to do it.

It’s not easy but simple if you follow a program that over 30 colleges and universities use and well over 40,000 entrepreneurs (and me) praise. Online retailing is fast grabbing the sales of traditional brick and mortar businesses.

This is a wide-open and growing opportunity.


Thank you for visiting Fast Ways to Make Money.

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