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Create My Own Website

Building a Profitable Business

In Create My Own Website the ingredients of success are identified along with the keys to business website profitability.

Why just build a website when it is simple to make money by building a business website.

Yes, simple.

Ingredients to Building a Profitable Website

Most of us have had no experience in how to build a website or we know just enough to think we do.

In learning to create my own website, you'll discover the questions to ask of anyone or any company wanting to "sell" you a product to help you achieve your personal website building goals.

Many who build their own sites are proud of how they look and then expect income to start rolling in.

The problems with most of these efforts are two-fold.

  • First, their Web business has little or no traffic.
  • Second, they just built a great looking site but it’s not a “business” website. It’s only a website hoping to get business. (A “business” website is specifically designed to get traffic.)

So, what ingredients should you consider in creating a site that is also  profitable? 

Or stated differently, what questions or issues should you be aware of in building a profitable Web business? 

1. The KEY Questions

Are all the tools you're considering buying, as you attempt to build my own website compatible?

Please consider choosing a site building system that is unified. That is, it offers all the tools you’ll need to make your site truly function.

By doing this, all the elements you will be using will be compatible with each other and are purposely designed to compliment each other.

In the beginning, we may just sort of purchase what site building promoters are pushing because they sound great.

It is then later on in the process that we wise up (speaking from personal experience).

2. Where’s the Proof?

When you create my own website you want proof that what you buy will work.

Prior to buying any site building system or product please be sure they show you proof that using what they offer will be successful.This is extremely important.

Knowing additional information can add value to building your site.

Finding Proof that this ingredient or system will lead to a high search engine ranking is a key to getting traffic. Please don’t take their word for it.

3. Keywords. Yes, keywords. What keywords  lead to best profit?

Knowing what keywords to use is a key ingredient to success when you create your own website. Using Google and Wordtracker is not good enough.

Each has flaws.

Each does not identify your competitors using that keyword nor the likeliness of its profitability.

Why would you want to use a keyword if it will not enhance your opportunity to have a profitable site?

You absolutely need to know this to maximize your income.

4. What’s your perfect online niche?

Probably, the most important key to consider when you create my own website is “how to position your concept in the online marketplace.”

Without knowing exactly the most profitable niche to position your online business in, you will have wasted a ton of time and, of course, feel highly disappointed.

Any website-building system you may consider has to include this feature.

5. Ask questions of folks who are using the product prior to you buying it.

When you walk in to a store in your neighborhood you have an option to ask many questions about the product you’re considering purchasing.

There may even be others there who have already bought the product your considering that you can ask questions.

Doesn’t it also make sense, when shopping online, for you to be able to contact and ask questions of individuals who have already purchased what you’re considering buying prior to you making that purchase?

Why wouldn’t you be encouraged by any site building vender to talk to others about how great (or not) their product is prior to spending your dollars buying it and your time trying to implement it into your Web business?

Is it because that vendor can’t show you proof (not just claims) that their website building system or component actually helps you to obtain a high placement in the search engines?

An All-inclusive Option

SBI! Tools

As you search for the best how to build a website option for you please consider using the company I have used to build this site.

I started with zero knowledge about how to build a "business" website.

Like more that 40,000 other like-minded entrepreneurs I love that a company called Solo Build It has an Internet business building methodology that is taught in over 30 Universities and Colleges.

Entrepreneurs often believe a process used by WordPress is the best. However, it's not taught in higher education and it can not hold a candle to the benefits and low all-inclusive cost of SBI.

SBI has changed my life forever!

It will yours too!

Thank you for visiting “Create My Own Website…Building A Profitable Business.”

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