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Proven Craft Business Ideas
Business Success

25 proven craft business ideas have been carefully researched to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Being in the know before you go just makes "cents." It pays not to reinvent the wheel!

That's why each of these home based craft ideas is backed up with one or more "how-to-start" guides provided by successful crafters who have had real life experiences in the craft business world.

Tons of info, shared by successful entrepreneurial crafters, who’s been their done that experiences, may save you hours of time and probably costly mistakes.

Starting an art-centered company is now so much easier!

Knowledge = Sales = Profit

Craft Business Ideas: Opportunity to Discover

  • Another important resource for the serious jewelry making crafter is Kameron Kay's ebook and audio program Jewelry Selling Secrets, focuses on how to present and sell your pieces in shops, galleries and boutiques and hoe to have a flood of Internet sales.

Craft Business Ideas: Card Making Profits

  • Walking through a juried craft show in Columbus, Ohio I came across a talented couple making really beautiful hand made custom cards and selling them to booth visitors. I waited in line until my turn and asked the couple how they learned to make so many custom cards so fast? They said they started their business after reading Jennifer Gormly's 50 Card Making Sketches.

    They were very generous in praise for Jennifer's description of card making planning made easy.
  • David Allen has written the “Bible” of the industry. How to Start Your Own Greeting Card Business is thorough, well written and loaded with effective and usable information all designed to guide you to one end…PROFITS! For anyone exploring card making crafts, David’s ebook is a MUST!

Craft Making Ideas: Glass Art Profits

Every craft show has one or two glass art booths.

But few of your competitors know what it takes behind the scenes to make their company truly profitable.

Well, my research has turned up an invaluable resource that provide a huge competitive advantage for you.

A serious resource is Eric Robert's Glass Etching Secrets.

As you may know, glass-etching equipment is relatively expensive. Eric cuts through all the fog. His advice can improve your profitability.

He shows you absolutely proven techniques to reduce your costs, and, at the same time, produce true art, which will get the attention of buyers.

Free Counseling Available:

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This is not a trick, a come-on or something to suck you into buying stuff. Nope. This is a sincere offer to help. Period.

Please just click on my photo above if I may assist you.

Craft Business Ideas: Quilting, Crocheting and Leather Crafting

    My research tells me this resource is the “best of the best!” You owe it to yourself to consider one of these craft business ideas.

  • How to Start Your Own Machine Quilting Company. The authors are Kathy Marshall and Judy Turner who are two pros who actually operated a successful machine quilting business.
  • In collaboration with Chuck Smith, they offer the most comprehensive guide in the machine quilting business.

    It is packed with valuable tips and day-to-day profit-building advice.

  • Many crafters believe that knitting or crocheting are borderline opportunities if your goal is to make money, or more importantly, enough money to make this skill profitable in a significant way. Well…they are wrong! Liz Reel’s Knitting for Profit , a 134-page ebook brings 5 solid strategies that can turn your passion into a profitable enterprise.

Helpful Professional Resources

American Craft Council

Helpful Craft Information

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