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Consulting Home Based Business objective is to help you find the right, profitable, online business niche for you. You'll see the best business website building resource and, if you want more help, I may consult with you.

HOWEVER, please go to How to Start a Consulting Business if this is your main focus. There, you'll find the 5 most effective marketing strategies for starting and growing your consulting business.

This website is designed to provide the information you need to plan and develop a profitable business website.

As you go through my site, if you have questions you can be assured that they will be warmly received and, of course, answered for free.

Are You Searching for a Business to Start?

Occasionally people just want to make sure their selecting the right business niche or they seek confidence they are going about their mission correctly.

They sometimes contact me to become my client.

If you do want help, as my client, then yes, I do charge a very minor fee for the services I provide.

But my personal emphasis in on counseling--helping motivated individuals, nonprofit organization/associations and churches identify for themselves the many, many profitable online business niches which exist for income generation.

These potential businesses are just sitting there for development.

Real people need to know how to make money with these online business opportunities that are just laying around for the taking. So I started...Consulting Home Based Business.

Please know that I do not involve myself with people who want fast online success with their website. Building an income generating business online is work. It takes time and effort.

But while it is hard to build a profitable online business, it is simple.

I learned long ago, that slow and steady wins the race to profitability.

That's the only way my consulting home based business works!

Why I Got Involved

Over the years I have started from scratch and sold many profitable businesses. (Please see About Me). Dozens of caring individuals have helped me along the way. I owe them big time. I could never hope to repay their kindnesses.

Now, I want to begin down that road and try.

I'm not doing this to make a lot of money. I have enough.

I'm doing this as a moral obligation to honor the successes that I've had.

Some Facts Consulting Home Based Business The Small Business Administration estimates that more small businesses will be started in the 2011--2015 period than in the past 15 years.

During this period, 52% of all small businesses started in the United States were home based. This is expected to grow significantly. Building an online business is usually home based.

Currently approximately 7% of U.S. working age people want to start a business.

You know what?

Most of these potential entrepreneurs don't have the slightest clue what business to start! For whatever their reasons, they just want to start a business. Good for them!

I believe I can help them and keep them or their organizations from spinning their wheels and wasting their time and money.

Consulting Home based Business: THE PLAN

My strength is counseling individuals and nonprofit organization/associations and churches to identify a profitable online business niche.

For individuals, this is consulting home based business.

  1. There is a lot to it.
  2. We spend a great deal of time determining just what business you want to start.
  3. Then we determine what niche of this business is the correct approach. This is the critical part to success and profit.
  4. Together we identify your competition, review their business approaches and then find the niche with the most profit potential.
  5. Next, we identify keywords that a large number of people click on and make suggestions for website content.

Again, most importantly, we explore together and choose the right, profitable niche online business for you!

To make sure you have all the tools necessary to be successful in your new adventure, Site Build It (SBI) is highly recommended as the methodology used by thousands of entrepreneurs to build their Internet businesses.

SBIs cost is $29.99 per month or $299 per year. SBI comes complete with over 80 unified business website building tools. SBI has also provides Proof that following their simple step-by-step plan will give you an opportunity to be in the top 1% to 3% of all websites in the world.

Visiting Building a Profitable Business may also help you with an overview of your business potential.

My Consulting Fees

If you want my help in finding a solid business niche, I do charge a small fee.

(Please note, there is never a charge to answer your questions.)

My one-time fee is $350 payable upfront. This covers the 5-step plan identified above and includes up to 8 hours of telephone or SKYPE counseling.

We will travel at the pace you set, not to exceed three months from the initial sign up. This is to provide some urgency and to keep you working in the right direction.

Because of client confidentiality, I do not give out information about my present or past clients, nor will I give out any infdo about you.

But you will see that I over deliver, exceeding your expectations.

Again, if I may assist you in any way, please contact me with your questions or for an initial consultation. Remember, there is never a charge...ever...for this service.

Thank you for visiting Consulting Home Based Business.

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