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My Code of Ethics

Thank you for reading my code of ethics. It's much appreciated.

For more than 35 years I have given away my business building ideas...for free.

In doing so I have always relayed to the recipient of my knowledge two up front facts:

  1. I am a small business counselor and adviser. I am NOT a consultant. My style is to work with you, as two heads are better than one in developing a plan, a solution and/or a road map to a successful outcome.
  2. I am NOT a professional. I work with you giving you the benefit of my formal education (two Master Degrees) and what I learned from the school of life; the ideas, the planning, the operation and the selling of multiple small businesses.

I am particularly sensitive when it comes to advising on Web entrepreneurship. I take this VERY seriously.

I advise you on the steps to building a sustainable and profitable Website business.

There is more than enough junk out there on website building. In no way do I ever want to be associated with all those easy or free website building scams!

My personal integrity is the life-blood of who I am.

That's why I provide this Code of Ethics, a feature rarely found on any Internet site.

Code of Ethics: Moral Obligation

I pledge to:

  • Be honest and above board at all times.
  • Build mutual trust and always respect anyone who contacts me with a question or wishes to become a client.
  • Advance integrity on the Web by teaching my visitors about online scams, harmful online business practices and how to avoid them.
  • Ensure that information found on my website is 100% accurate.
  • Provide as much information as I possibly can to help my website visitors learn how to build a home-based Web business that will be profitable for them “and” give honest value to their website visitors. I will answer all questions with accurate responses for free.
  • Explain to my website visitors that building a profitable and sustainable Web Business is work, is time consuming, requires self-motivation and brains and will give joy and a personal sense of achievement with hard work.
  • Provide only solid and realistic small business ideas that may be profitable businesses when an entrepreneur applies dedication and focused energy. Furthermore, to recommend only researched and excellent quality ebooks, courses and helpful resources to help my site visitors to start and develop their own small business. These materials are the best-of-the-best available and should allow the jump-starting of the identified businesses toward profitability.
  • Do everything in my power to ensure that my visitors and clients have a positive experience and outcome from following my recommendations and suggestions.

Indeed it is my pledge to, at all times, to over-deliver on the information required for my visitors to build a first class business website which will meet their quality and financial expectations. Period.

Code of Ethics: Earnings Disclaimer

On various pages of my site I offer links to third parties. These include links to entrepreneurs who have ebooks and/or other products to sell that may help you in starting, building and marketing a home-based or other business.

I want you to understand fully that there are no guarantees that you will earn any money using the ideas in any materials found or purchased from profitable-small-business-ideas.com. In fact, there is always a possibility you could lose money.

You must do your own due diligence to determine whether you have the skills, personality, knowledge and perseverance to succeed in any recommended or listed business idea presented on this site.

Please know that I may receive a commission on any product or service listed on this site when you make a purchase.

I strive to always give an honest opinion and recommendation.

However, I make no personal representation about any product or service claim, statistic, quote or any other representation of a third party.

You must always determine for yourself if any product or service found on this site and available for purchase by you meets your needs and that you determine that it will be of value to you.

That being said, I hope to hear about your success story some day!

I thank you for taking your time to visit with me.

If I may help you in any way for FREE, please just click on my photo above.

With respect and excitement for you,

Roger Berger

Small Business Counselor and Adviser

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