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Pricing And Marketing
Carpet Cleaning Service

Boost the bottom line of your carpet cleaning service through correct pricing of services and effective low cost marketing.

See how the pricing of your services may well determine the niche market you will cater to.

This will, in turn, largely set the stage for your efforts in how to market your services to attract customers.

We'll see how Gabby (yes, that's his real first name) from Spokane, Washington set about to find his proper marketplace niche and how he conducted his carpet cleaning marketing program.

Gabby’s Pricing Strategy

Gabby told me that the first step he took was to find his competitors, get their prices, look in the telephone book and Internet sites to see how they position themselves for sales.

Next, he determined how they actually did their carpet cleaning. Did they have a water extraction system (you know, use the big van that pulls up outside your home) or the portable dry steam extraction system (hugely less expensive and more effective cleaning)? He needed to get an idea the expense of their overhead.

What Gabby Found...The Results

Of the six competitors, five largely depended on using discount offers to attract customers.

The other one had a great website emphasizing the benefits of using their carpet cleaning service. They focused completely on quality and benefit to the client.

Price wise, the five discounters all priced their service around 23 to 27 cents per square foot of carpet cleaned. After he called each company he found out there were up charges associated with their service.

This included charges for moving furniture, pre-spotting, applying Teflon Carpet Protector and for deodorizing. At the end of the day almost all of them were getting about 38 to 42 cents a square foot for full service.

Of course not everyone bought everything, but you get the picture.

What Gabby Did

He decided to position his carpet cleaning service in the niche occupied by the one competitor; the niche of quality and benefit.

He priced his services exactly as this competitor (44 cents per sq.ft.). All of the services the discounters charged for he included in his price.

He is differentiating his service from his one other competitor by emphasizing in his carpet cleaning advertising that he uses the dry steam extraction cleaning method for a deeper clean and an environmentally safe approach.

He is very satisfied with his decision 16-months since launch.

The All Important Marketing Approach

Carpet cleaning companies, like many other kinds of companies, over the last 5 or 6 years have cut service quality.

Gabby even noticed his upscale competitor does not do carpet cleaning marketing except in the Yellow Pages and by having a great website.

Realizing this, Gabby tried many upscale venues for ad placement.

These included ads in programs for the opera, orchestra, theater, ballet, etc. He hit his target market. He soon began scheduling significant jobs from large homes.

To his surprise, these customers/clients also had him dry steam clean boats, RVs, motor homes, wood decks, window blinds and even spot removal from furniture. This has been an unexpected benefit for his company.

He just completed a 4-color brochure touting the “benefits” clients receive by using his services. Upscale marketing is all about explaining “what’s in it for me, the client.”

About 4-months ago he contracted with Solo Build It (SBI) to build his website. SBI’s business website building methodology is taught ion over 30 colleges and universities and used by over 40,000 entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses. His research showed this was his best value.

Thank you for visiting Pricing and Marketing you Carpet Cleaning Service.

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