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Career Dog Training
Turn Your Love Of Dogs Into A Business

Love dogs? Dogs love you? Curious how to turn this love into a career dog training business?

Want to become a dog trainer, start a solid low cost business or learn enough to be hired by an employer to help train dogs?

Significant income is often easily achievable with focus and a commitment to learn basic dog training.

From the Basics to Specialization to Growing Profits

Understand the basics and then turn your attention to learn some of the techniques involved to specialize your career dog training business. Specialization leads to masterful marketing opportunities

You will be very surprised to see how fast word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients can lead to significant growth.

Take the case of Carol and Todd of Pierre, South Dakota.

Laid off from their jobs, they used their small savings and unemployment benefits to live on while they decided to learn all they could about animal training. Soon they followed their love of dogs by focusing on starting a career dog training business. .

After all, they trained their two dogs.

I chatted with Carol last summer to get their success story.

Carol said she was determined to learn how others trained dogs. (Todd, not so much so. He just wanted to jump in the business.)

They invested a little less than a hundred dollars in the ebooks listed below. While Carol thought she knew the tricks of the trade in training dogs, she admitted she didn't know as much as she thought. "Now," she said "I'm up to speed. What a difference!"

Shelly B’s #1 recognized ebook on training dog-loving people to be dog trainers.

Daniel Stevens’ followers may think he walks on water…at least 200,000 fans. His 260-page ebook and 30-minute video, receive rave reviews and is a top seller in the dog training world.

Carol relayed that without Shelly and Daniel’s knowledge, their business would not be what it is today.

Carol and Todd have built their business the traditional way.

They focus on dog obedience training including training client’s dogs to not bark, housebreaking dogs so they do not poop or pee inside, not to dig in the yard, to sit and to fetch, etc.

Other Business Services

Knowing more information about dogs than your competitors will serve you well in your career dog training venture.

Actually, learning from the following sources can go a long way to improving your business model revenue by attracting more clients. These services are bottom-line financial builders.

Carol and Todd have a growing dog  clientele.  They have just started making home made dog food to sell. In 3 months they hope this will increase their income by 8 to 10 percent.

Home Made Healthy Dog Food

Todd also assembled an insulated wood dog house from the plans of Bill Keeue. He sold this for $225. He has since assembled a couple of dozen but sold them for $255. Thias has been profitable from the start.

Easy-Build Dog Houses


Thank you for visiting Career Dog Training…Turn Your Love for Dogs into a Business.


Helpful Professional Resources

National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

  Canine Training Association

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