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Business New Opportunity

Looking for trends in a business new opportunity, to start up a business?

New  trends may guide you in the development of your own sustaining company.

I have assisted many entrepreneurs in finding the perfect business for them. The first question I ask is, “If money were no object, what would you like to do?”

Actually, I seldom receive a direct answer.

That’s because finding the right opportunity is serious. As one of my clients says, “This is my life we’re dealing with here.”

Future Business Trends That Are Here Today

First and foremost, with over ONE BILLION consumers (according to Internet World Stats) having daily access to the Internet, companies, even the ones owned by individual entrepreneurs, must be Internet and Social Media savvy.This is not a new trend but a must.

Even telephone books are being printed in a smaller size, even if they exist in your community.

For sure, any business new opportunity trend (AND this is where significant money will be made), is where everything is computer based.

There is nothing in second place!

This applies to any online and offline company.

So, with that in mind, I offer the following three trendy opportunities to start up a business. Of course, they have you using the computer as the core tool for your success.

Business New Opportunity #1: Crowd Clout Profits

Yes, crowd clout is not on the tip of the tongue of many folks. This is why this opportunity for you may be classified and “can’t miss.”

In a nutshell, crowd clout is an umbrella term meaning opportunities to get consumers to identify their desired intensions and then approach a company, any company, asking for a discounted group purchase price of a product.

How your crowd company could work.

Simplistically, through your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. you ask people to join a group for the purpose of obtaining huge discounts on a variety of products and services.

Once you have a sufficient number of members you approach a company asking them to bid on “at what price would you sell a specific product” knowing that there are X number of people in this group who “intend” to make a purchase.”

This may be applied to insurance coverage, gas, travel products and cruises, computers, etc. Literally, anything applies.

In this business new opportunity you make money initially by having advertisements on your website. When you’re established, companies will pay you to bring products at deep discounts to your group membership.

More on this topic may be found at Trend Watching.

Business New Opportunity #2: Social Media for Small Businesses

If you are knowledgeable, really knowledgeable, about the social media platforms existing today you may make a killing by offering your services to dozens of local small retailers!

Clearly, most offline businesses, retail and service businesses not only have a poorly done website (if they have one), but they have no clue how to market their products or services using social media. This entrepreneurial tend is wide open for you to pursue.

What a goldmine opportunity!

Such opportunities for businesses and potential customer interaction is off the chart. Company interaction is a must moving forward.

Failure of a company, any company, to seek out and interact with consumers means, well, failure of that company.

Start out small.

Charge a company a $350 social media set-up fee and then a monthly operating fee of $75 or $100 or more. Extra fees are appropriate to design a Facebook page, etc.

Business New Opportunity #3: Organic Fair-Traded Products

The social consciousness of consumers around the world is a trend that's changing fast, very fast.

A growing number of consumers no longer shop by price. They shop based on

  • quality,
  • is the product organic or made with organic ingredients
  • and, is the product fair-traded.

Such products are being made internationally by tradesmen/women mostly in Africa and South America and are just waiting and hoping a distributor will find them.

Web businesses promoting these type products are expected to explode in the near future.

A Helpful Professional Resource

Fair Trade Federation 


Thank you for visiting Everyone is Looking for a Business New Opportunity.

Additional Small Business Ideas

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