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Building a Website For Dummies
Building an eCommerce Website

Confidence. Knowledge. Comfort. These are the feelings Building a Website for Dummies will provide, even if you know zero, nothing or zilch about building a website that is also a business.

The emphasis here is on the word business.

There are hundreds of programs on the Web, some even free, that claim to allow you to build a website in an hour, or even two, at the most.

What they don’t tell you is:

  •      Will this website ever get found by people searching the Web?
  •      Do they include (or are they hidden for you to purchase later) all the marketing tools your Site will need to get found?
  •      Do they show you honest to goodness Proof that what they say will work?
  •      Can you contact others using their website building system, prior to buying it, to get the real low-down on their system?

The bottom line is buyer beware.

Please don’t let your time and dollars be hijacked. When you and I are not experienced in something, nearly everything sounds good.

This is where building a website for dummies comes into your life.

It will give you confidence, knowledge and, above all, comfort, as you set out to create a website that is purposefully designed to be a rewarding business…and we’ll show you proof that this will work.


When I considered the joy of having an online business, I knew zero, nothing and zilch about how to do it. My computer skills were extremely low, as was my confidence.

I wasted nearly a year of my life and over $1,600 chasseing the rainbow, buying a couple of site-building systems that sounded really good. They were great marketers and I was really gullible, for sure.

Then one day, my wife, actually, while searching for something on the Web, found a site that at the bottom of it said, “Built By Site Build It.” (SBI)

Well after spending hours on their Site going from link to link, I acquired the confidence that their system fit a dummy like me.


  • Over 40,000 entrepreneurs have built a business using SBI
  • SBI is taught in nearly 30 colleges and universities

Loaded with this newfound confidence, I jumped. As a result, my life has been changed forever! (And, I love my wife totally!!)


While experienced webmasters use Site Build It (SBI) a lot, it is also simple enough for folks like me to understand.

SBI’s online Action Guide is just that, a simple step-by-step guide to building a website for dummies. Actually their objective is to give SBIers all the tools they need to build a website that is also a successful business.

Even today, I follow the easy to understand steps. I am learning a ton.

While there are so many exciting and dependable aspects of SBI, for me, the most amazing is their Brainstorming Tool.

In a nutshell, SBI guided me in selecting the right online business for me.

Not only that, but they showed me how to position it in the most profitable niche of the Web marketplace. (Even as I type this, I’m still blown away with the capabilities of SBI to make my effort profitable.)


SBI! Proof

Today, I am so comfortable wearing my SBI skin.

Truly, building a website for dummies like me using SBI guidance and tools is quite something I’m proud of. I had no confidence and no knowledge how to do it.

I still don’t want to know (or ever need to know) all the technical things that SBI does behind the scenes to get my Site ranked in the Search Engines.

All I know is that they continue to show me proof that using their methodology pays off…and pays off big time!

I am completely comfortable, and, as you can tell, a fan of SBI.

Free Counseling

The purpose of my Site is to provide access to the knowledge you need to have a successful business. That includes selecting the online or offline business that best suits you.

To that end, I use my nearly 40-years of small business experience to assist others in fulfilling their dreams. I do this for free because I want you to be successful.

This offer is not a come-on, nor a trick or something that will suck you in so that I can sell you something.

Nope. This is a honest offer to help you, as I am currently doing with entrepreneurs in 28 countries.

For my free help, please just click on my picture above. Thanks.

Thank you for visiting Building a Website for Dummies.

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