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Finally And Realistically
Best Small Businesses to Start

All kinds of claims are made to identify the best small businesses to start.

What matters is choosing a business that you know can be profitable and budget friendly to start. "I want to start my own business" is sometimes easier to say than to do.

However, following the how-to-start process of entrepreneurs who have previously started and grew the opportunity you’re now considering for yourself, helps success along.

I have researched the marketplace to find these successful entrepreneurs who are willing to share their success with you. Following their advice not only reduces your mistakes, but also, tends to reduce your expenditures of money and time needed for your own success.

Every company that I have started has relied on the resources others have been willing to share. While still hard work, growing a small enterprise to profitability has made my road less stressful and, actually, gave me a jump-start over my competitors.

I identify the best small businesses to start outlined below keeping in mind your opportunity for success and, at the same time, providing you with resources made possible through the sharing of other entrepreneurs experiences.

Best Small Businesses to Start: Online Businesses

Here is a list of business ideas that are super low cost to start. As with any business you want to start, focus and determination are required for your success.

1.   AFFILIATE MARKETING...The #1 Online Business Opportunity!

There appears to be an unlimited opportunity in affiliate marketing, also know as affiliate programs and associate programs.

The #1 requirement for earning significant affiliate marketing income is your development of a business website (not just a website) that is found by visitors in large numbers. Your online company is really, only found frequently, if it is on page 1 or page 2 of the Search Engines.

Therefore, it is supremely important that you take the time to learn about affiliate marketing.


Making money with blogs is another one of the best small businesses to start.

Here is a highly recommended blog opportunity:

  • Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook, an international resource, provides easy-to-follow affiliate marketing success using blogs rather than having a website.


This truly is one of the best small businesses to start from home. Following the proven advice of the following three experts can lead to an income that exceeds your expectations.

Proper knowledge is key.

  • Tomas Belick’s, Import Export Business Package is jammed packed with “how-and-what-to buy-and-sell products available for your eBay company. You’ll be amazed at what you and buy and sell products for!


Here is a brief outline of rather creative opportunities, which may be operated out of your home. Each opportunity is a link to another page of this site, which provides more in depth info on the starting and growing of each.

Helpful Professional Resource

National Association for the Self Employed

Additional Small Business Ideas

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