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The #1
Best Business Home Opportunity

The best business home opportunity is the one that has excellent income potential compared to the amount of time and dollar investment required by you. Period.

Find the best home computer opportunity here.

Best Small Business to Start

You'll see how I got started with only a desire to have a home business.

However, I did not know the first thing about how to get started, what business to start or how I was to market that intended venture in it's most profitable niche.

My adventure will help you find your direction. I promise!

I was in your position about three years ago. In my case I was looking for an online business to start because I understood a ton of money may be made using the Internet.

In the course of trying multiple online businesses (yes, I got sucked in by over $1,400 by following the hype of easy to do. I was frustrated. Ver frustrated.

But, I still thought there was a way for me to make money online. I spent a lot of time searching.

Are you looking for retirement business ideas, a low cost home business, a work from home Internet opportunity or do you seek just the best business home opportunity available today no matter what it is?

You Need to Know This

  • This may sound strange. I wanted to start an online company from home but I hand NO CLUE how to build a website. Not the slightest! In fact, I still rate myself at about a 53 on a scale of 1 to 500 (highest) in computer smarts.
  • Even stranger still, I had no idea what opportunity I could start on the Internet. Did I want to sell a product? Did I want to begin an associate marketing program? What about MLM? I had no idea. None. Absolutely None!
  • Lastly, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money starting what I thought to be (and I was right) this best home business opportunity. But, I couldn't find the answer to my question, "How much do websites cost?"

You Could Have Knocked Me Over With A Leaf

I was going nowhere fast. I continued to search the Internet for the best business home opportunity. I was spending hours exploring this, exploring that, exploring everything.

I thought, there just has to be a way for me to do this!

Then, one afternoon, my wife brought to me a name she found at the bottom of a website she liked: "Built by Solo Build It."

In a flash, my life changed forever!

A Life Changing Best Business Home Opportunity

Here are the highlights of what I found:

  • I didn’t need to know anything about building a website that would get highly ranked in the Search Engines. All I needed to do was fill in blocks with my info: a title block, a headline block, a body block, a link block, etc. It was simple.
  • I didn’t need to know anything about SEO or special coding. I still don't. That was done behind the scenes by this service.
  • Every website-building tool you could imagine was provided for one low cost monthly investment. (Along with understandable instructions.) There are no extra charges, no hidden fees, no fee increase, no add-ons charges. Everything is included, even every system upgrade and hosting.
  • Here is the BEST PART. My hand is held every step of the way to find the best niche for my online company. I still can’t believe how I was guided and prevented from making mistakes as I began.
  • So, what I decided to do was to give away free information to my visitors. Yes, to give away free information. I just went after what interested me. I’m telling the world about my passion for helping others for free.
  • Oh, I’m making money too!

Do You Want To Do This Too?

Well, that wonderful company that held my hand, that company that guided me step-by-step in building all of my online enterprises is called Solo Build It! (SBI).

If you are serious about starting a “real” online company, the best business home opportunity around, an opportunity that earns you real money and a company that you may sell to someone else if you want to (because it is an ongoing money-making concern), then I recommend a through investigation of SBI.

  • You will find out why over 40,000 entrepreneurs use SBI.
  • Why SBI is taught in over 30 colleges and universities.
  • Why SBI will change your life forever!

Free Counseling Available

Free Counseling Available:

As part of my Paying It Forward mission, I can guide you in finding the best business home opportunity online or offline that matches your interest.

I am sincerely interested in helping you.

This offer is not some kind of come-on or trick to get you to contact me and then I sell you something. Nope. It is an offer to help you for free. Period. I will never sell you anything!

If I may help, please just click on my photo above.

Thank you for visiting The #1 Best Business Home Opportunity.

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