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Affiliate Marketing

Achiving results in your affiliate marketing training is not instant mashed potatoes.

I will share my experiences to show you positive ways to achieve success!

Effective training  is a powerful proven way to boost your bank account deposits, providing you take the time to learn; to learn the right way!

Most people see dollar signs and can’t wait to jump into a proven affiliate marketing (AM) business opportunity. However, they are among the 95% or so who fail completely or fail to make other than pocket change in their effort.

I have counseled many folks who have have had such misfortune.

The moral of this story: first be prepared then jump.

Positive Steps to Achieve Affiliate Marketing Profits

First: This is not a business opportunity that you can just jump in and start.

Like with most businesses, unless the entrepreneur is soundly prepared in how to operate their company, it will fail at worst, and at best not achieve other than a marginal, and very frustrating existence.

Second: Affiliate marketing is a tough competitive business. Earning significant income requires focus and perseverance. And earning this income you will!

With hundreds of thousands of other Affiliate Marketing (AM ) websites competing with you, it is an “Absolute Must” that you build a “business” blog or website.

Rosalind Gardner is internationally known. She is a real person. You know, the down to earth type of person. A next door best friend type.

Her decades long "responsible training" of thousands of Affiliate entrepreneurs has earned her never ending respect.

Her "Affiliate Blogger Pro" e-course is, by far, the highest rated by those who know affiliate marketing. In my opinion, having a profitable affiliate business without putting her knowledge to work is truly a huge mistake.

Third: Building a flashy website may satisfy your need to have a great looking site. However, it does nothing to lead your AM business to profitability.

What is essential is posting on your site real people opinions about your AM product(s). These are called testimonials. No banners, no blinking flashing pictures, nothing takes the place of such testimonials. This is a very important point in your Affiliate Marketing Training.

Fourth: This next, often overlooked element, applies to both traditional offline business and to online ones alike.

It’s harder (and more expensive) to get new customers than it is to have repeat customers. The only sane way for your Affiliate Marketing business to prosper is to develop an email list from the people who visit your website.


So you can communicate with them periodically. You don’t communicate with them to buy your product. No. You communicate with them to inform them about anything sort of related to your product.

Social Media like Twitter, FaceBook, etc. or publishing a periodic newsletter provides great avenues for customer interaction. This builds relationships with your customers. It builds trust and trust builds sales. Real simple!

Fifth: There are literally thousands of sites on the Web promoting their own version of affiliate marketing training. None, or almost none, can show you "proof" that their AM system works.

That is, will their system bring you any real business?

Without proof and without you being able to contact users of their system “prior” to making your purchase, they are just blowing smoke hoping you’ll bite.

This is a major reason Rosalind Gardner's "Affiliate Blogger Pro" is so widely regarded.

If I may assist you (for FREE), please just click on my photo above. I will never sell you something!

I thank you for visiting Affiliate Marketing Training: How to Earn the Most $$$

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