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About Me

A Career Road I'd Take Again...In A Heartbeat!

What fun I’ve had! Hard work, yes, but rewarding too. I loved (well almost) every minute of it!

I have been an entrepreneur ever since I can remember.

I remember walking in the woods--and creek--behind my parent’s home where I picked wild blackberries and raspberries and then going door-to-door to sell them. At 15 cents a quart...yes...big bucks.I just loved it.

At 12 years of age, I again went door-to-door selling subscriptions to the town’s weekly newspaper and then traveling my paper route.

I was in heaven.

Now, I could buy every Donald Duck comic book!

Early in my career I had solid experiences as an employee: W. T. Grant Co., Kroger Co., academic administrator, convention center manager and regional manager for a manufacture’s retail stores. All the while I was longing to start my own business.

Using lessons gained from the school-of-life, two Master Degrees and my strong belief that I could be successful as an entrepreneur, I left my last job as an employee and began researching how I could begin my dream.

As you can see, I’ve traveled many entrepreneurial roads.

An Overview of the Businesses I've Started

Medical Television Educational Programs:

  • Developed the nations third largest hospital TV network. Developed and broadcast programs for physicians and nurses and operated a 24/7 patient education channel. We traveled to many places in the US, Mexico and Europe developing programs. I still can't believe I was paid to do what I truly loved!

Medical Arts:

  • Became a major player in Medical Illustration and Medical Photography working with medical schools, researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Essentially, we took highly technical information and conveyed it in a manner, which normal people could understand.

Leisure Travel Agency:

  • Started the third leisure travel agency in the US located in a large regional mall and the first travel agency located in a Kroger store. Earned several awards as an excellent agency.

Interior Decorating:

  • I knew I wanted to start an interior decorating business because the margins are so fantastic. Goal was to break down perceived barriers by women to using my company. After conducting man-on-the-street interviews with women over 40, I named the business "Decorate With What You Have." Long before this type of business became popular, we helped women decorate their homes "with what they have."
  • We charged a flat fee to visit their home and make decorating suggestions. Plus we developed a remarkable business selling wallpaper, custom window treatments, faux painting and decorative knickknacks.
  • We even developed relationships with congtractors, kitchen cabinet companies, Upholsters, fabric and wallpaper sellers, wallpaper hangers, etc. and received a percentage of any sale for our referal. This was an unexpected profit winfall!

Home Restoration:

  • Home Restoration: Along with my Brothe, I bought, restored and leased or sold "historic homes" in urban core areas. This promoted market rate housing for middle and upper income families who wanted to live in a beautiful home in an urban core neighborhood.
  • We never "rehabbed" but "restored" these properties long before this was the fashion. People will pay big bucks for a beautifully restored home.

Online Businesses:

  • Developing successful online businesses in recent years have been a passion. I have always known how to pick a business niche. All I had to do was learn how to build a website that draws traffic to it, which I did.
  • I have built this educational website using a company called Solo Build It. I had zero knowledge about how to do this. Solo Build It held my hand each step. They have changed my life forever!!This is a marketing adventure, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Online Business Counselor:

  • This is my newest effort. Because so many individuals have helped me over the years, I have dedicated my life to "playing it forward" by helping individuals, nonprofit organizations and churches start and market successful online businesses of their own.
  • Over my adult life I have counseled dozens upon dozens of business owners and would-be business owners in how to improve or start their business. I have had great fun. For the most part, each counseled entrepreneur improved upon her or his success. There were many, many happy endings!
  • I truly enjoye this aspect of my life.

I just want to pay it forward
How Was My Entrepreneurial Life Different?

  • What has made my entrepreneurial life different, to a large extent, from other entrepreneurs is the following:
  • Every business was started from scratch. I did all the research, planning, leasing of space, designing and renovation, recruiting hiring of staff, etc. Hey, I even cleaned the john!
  • Every business has been different. They were not even related to each other.I knew literally nothing about each business prior to starting it! But, I hired people who did and worked hard to educate myself.
  • All my businesses have been greatly successful. I focused on profit-- knowing first, that I had to provide information and services to my customers/clients at a fair and value-added price.
  • With the exception of my real estate and online businesses that my Brother and I still own, I followed this simple pattern: (1) I started a business; (2) grew it to profitability; (3) sold it for a profit; and (4) started another new business and repeated the pattern.
  • Each business started was "non-traditional in terms of location or service." I needed to get a marketing leg-up on the competition.

What I Learned

I've learned how to start any business...even those I know nothing about...and have it thrive. It's just a matter of following a "process." It surely is a gift and I thank the Lord for it!

I love starting businesses. I seem to be very good at it. So many individuals have guided and counseled me. I have been lucky to have such people in my life.That's why I want to "Pay It Foeward."

My Goal

With profitable-small-business-ideas.com, my goal is to simply provide solid, reliable information to help you start online and offline businesses that will be profitable.

I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE HERE! I would be so very pleased if I succeeded in helping you. As you go through my website, I warmly welcome any question. Of course, there is never a charge. Helping others is my goal of "Paying It Forward."


Roger Berger
Small Business Counselor

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