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10 Best Home Based Business
Ideas...That WORK!

Raise your expectations. These 10 best home based business ideas are solid, income generating, practical and proven to work. Reviewing these sound business opportunities will not waste your time.

Because, I share with you some top opportunities to work from home that I have personal knowledge of or have friends who actually earn significant income working from home either on a part time or full time bases. They have shared their experiences with me. Now I share with you.

I believe these 10 best home based business ideas, along with the helpful resources in how to start them, can lead to bright times for you and your family.


Not Exciting But Proven Winning Opportunities

1.  Take Online Surveys…Ideal Part Time Job

You may not make a fortune filling out dozens upon dozens of Internet surveys, but you can earn money for the amount of time you devote to the effort.

The key is to find the right high paying surveys to take.

Searching the Internet for surveys is too risky (scams abound).

You don’t know whether they are legit or not, let alone if they will even pay you!

I share this helpful resource to assist your efforts.

2.  A Bookkeeping Service

Yes, this is definitely not an exciting work at home job, at least not for me.

However, bookkeeping is a need of most small businesses, the ones that the large accounting firms ignore.

Charging a small business owner a monthly service fee of $75 and then $300 to $400 to do their year-end taxes adds up to be real money.

The real-world resources on how to do this will make life easier to get you started.

3.  Dog Training at Home

There is a huge reason this makes my list of the 10 best home based business ideas…it’s a needed service, you may start earning part time and, of course, it’s fun and very well paying.

As a dog trainer you have multiple options for making money right from your home.

Learning the basics and one or two dog training specialties only adds to your revenue stream.

4.  Home Catering

There is a ton of money to be made in catering.

Catering business and social events while working from home drastically reduces your overhead.

The “in” kinds of catering are Kosher, Vegan, Organic, BBQ and, of course, corporate themed events.

Finding out how to start your catering business not only reduces your mistakes and wasted time, it also puts you miles ahead of your competitors.

Cutting Edge Work from Home Business Ideas

5.  Create my Own Business Website

The Internet offers vast opportunities to earn a very good living.

The best thing about this is that you do not need to have anything to sell. Essentially, you build your business by giving away sought after information for free.

If you are curious about starting a Web income-generating machine, knowledge is the key to your success. That is what questions to ask and having proof that the system you use to start an online business will produce a website that can be found in 1% to 3% of all websites in the world.

Sounds strange but it’s true. And. the best part is that you don’t need to know a single technical term nor how to so SEO or any techie stuff at all (I don’t)

Here’s where you can find out more and change your life forever!

6.  Start an Auction eBay Business

This is one of the easiest of the 10 best home based business ideas.

On eBay anything will sell, anything!

Anything is your garage and basement items you want to get rid of. The same when you pick yard sales, purchase merchandise closeouts at Dollar stores, even stuff from estate sales.

Everything, yes everything sells on eBay.

Here are the 5 proven tips for making money on eBay. You will love yourself for mastering this opportunity.

7.  Reputable Affiliate Programs

The Internet offers untold promising affiliate programs for the entrepreneur who wants to pursue these striking business models.

There are some exceptional affiliate programs in the marketplace from which you have an opportunity to earn really significant income.

Picking one of these affiliate niche programs for the beginner may be right up your alley.

8.  Importing from Around the World

Please don’t be afraid to look into this 10 best home based business idea. It can be profitable, very profitable!

Of course, the key to this work at home business is to educate your self in how to do it.

I believe this educational how-to-do-it page along with its list of several well-known and excellent resources will lead your way to huge success.

9.  The Different Travel Service: One that Makes Money

The travel industry is still a great opportunity. You just have to think of it differently.

The traditional agency is not alive and well.

An agency that specializes in a geographic area or focuses on a certain demographic does rather well and increasing in popularity.

Another kind of agency is one that packages their own trips to a specific area of the planet or for a specific population group. For example;

  • Youth travel to a major city like Paris, Frankfort, Rome, etc.
  • Senior citizen travel
  • Gay travel
  • Single travel
  • Family travel

The key is to be different and then develop an effective marketing plan. This works!

10.  Sell Products Through Drop Shipping

The last but not the least of the 10 best home based business ideas that work is drop shipping.

One of the fastest growing online opportunities is drop shipping.

Essentially, you sell products on your website. In turn, they pay you via credit card. You sent the cost of the item you just sold to a dropshipper, who, in turn, sends that purchased product to your custom using your company name.

Once you educate yourself to this form of retailing, the sky is the limit for generating profitable sales.

For the serious entrepreneur, this is a real winner!

I hope you find a successful opportunity

If I may assist you in any way, for free, please just click on my picture above.


Thank you for visiting the 10 Best Home Based Business Ideas that WORK!

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