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The Profitable Small Business Ideas website was started to share my wealth of experience and that of other successful entrepreneurs to allow your entrepreneurial effort to prosper.

Looking for a business to start? Unsure how to start it?

I give you TONS of small business ideas for free, along with details and plans on "how to get started" and remain successful as you grow.

  • I share MY experience and the experience of other entrepreneurs to give you a balanced look.
  • I have hand-picked proven, stable opportunities for you that will give you multiple advantages--a flexible lifestyle, financial rewards and the independence to work for yourself.

1. Serious entrepreneurs, like you, will find practical, step-by-step plans outlining how to start your company.

2. You'll also find the sharing of success stories from real small company owners who actually started and grew the same opportunity you're considering today.

Where else on the Web will you find this combination of invaluable resources?!

These valuable resources will:

  1. enable you to avoid costly time and money mistakes in starting your own small business
  2. give you a jump-start over your competitors while boosting your ability to be highly successful.

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The Internet Factor:
Why You're Going to be

Taking the small business ideas you receive here and making them happen successfully often depends on having a strong online presence.

This is true no matter if your market is local or you seek regional, national or international sales opportunities.

The Internet and Mobile Search are part of the world's life today.

If you do not have a website that is found on page 1 or page 2 on the Search Engines you have just wasted your time and money.

Want Proof?

When was the last time you went to page 3, page 4 or pages 5 through 12,381,926?

So, I include helpful results-oriented information here:

(1) "How to Judge a Wdebsite Builder" AND use it to its best advantage for your new business.

(2) "How to Start an Internet Business"  which explains why you should never think you're going to make any $$$ when you bite on a company's promise that you can build a website in about one hour.

I think this info will excite you and get you thinking about a lot of new ideas you can use in starting and marketing your company.

Free Counseling Available:

Being an entrepreneur is serious. Knowing how to "get it right" the first time is very important.

My mission is to Pay It Forward. I bring my 40 years of experiences as an entrepreneur to assist you for free as you consider starting any online or offline business.

This is not a trick or some come-to suck you in to buy something. Nope this is a sincere offer to help. Period.

I will never try to sell you anything!!!

If I may help you, please just click on my photo above.

Lots of Small Business Ideas!

Have fun as you travel my Profitable Small Business Ideas site.

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