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Getting Started
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Woodworking Home Business

Need Beginners Luck to start and grow a woodworking home business to success?


Woodworking for profit using your garage or basement is a no brainer.

I’ll give you important rules to follow to be highly successful.

This has been my hobby for 25-years. Strangely, I was a true beginner with little natural skill but I wanted to learn the craft.

Besides filling my home with custom furniture and crafts to the point where keeping the family peace is worth more than another highly polished treasure, I've managed to sell more than a few custom pieces over the years.

In fact, my "hobby" was turning in to a blockbuster business...something I really didn't want to expand. My weekend hobby had already added two or three nights a week.

I was making great money. I could have made a killing if I wanted to go full time.

Here is how I started and my recommendations for you.

4 Rules To Live By

I have visited enough craft shows and retailers of custom furniture viewing their products, hearing shopper comments and checking out these pieces myself to suggest the following rules which, I believe, will make you highly successful in your woodworking home business.

I never wavered from these.

And, obviously, I feel quite strongly about my love for woodworking.

1.  It’s all about your attitude

If your only goal is to make as much money as you can from your home woodworking efforts by turning out piece after piece as fast as you can, then I suggest you reconsider this wonderful opportunity.


This is an opportunity in which your craft is your prized procession.

To not be the very best you can be at your craft, as embodied in your own finished products, is to blow the tremendous profit-making opportunity of your woodworking home business.


2.  Quality. Quality. Quality.

It won’t happen overnight.

But I suggest that working toward being the best you can be by practicing and trying different ways to “only” turn out a product that is truly a treasure--something you are beyond proud of--is a truly satisfying way to earning a significant part time or full time income. (Probably much more income that you thought possible.)

Exact; yes exact measurements like the ones you get from a flat metal ruler of various lengths with a scale starting at 1/32. That’s an example of exact! Please don't use the traditional tape measure!

The measure of the success of your venture will depend upon the exact quality of your product being viewed by a potential purchaser as a treasure. Nothing less.

That’s what custom woodworking is; no nails, no screws just mortise and tenon joinery and mirror-like finishes!


3.  My Initial steps at a part time business


Yes, it took me a year or so to learn how to work smarter rather than harder. But, I persevered.

I didn’t have the resources of the Internet, a master teacher showing me how to get better or even a guide to follow from someone like Jim Morgan.

No, I crunched along making mistake after mistake.

It was a wonderful, but an expensive time, especially when I decided to venture into selling my treasures as a small business.

But today, you have a guide that is worth a treasure; something I never had. To get you started on a firm foundation, as you start out with your business aspirations, I suggest you give serious consideration to investing $37 to get Jim Morgan’s take on making a ton of money from your woodworking home business opportunity. I truly believe Jim will save you from wasting significant dollars as you start down this profitable road. His e-book is called Wood Profits: How to Start & Run A Successful Woodworking Business from Home Oh, I almost forgot, he provides 500 wood working plans free, something you can practice on to turn out your own valuable woodworking treasure.

4.  Hooking Up with an All-In-One Woodworking Supplier

From my experience, the major success of my business depended on building personal relationships, ones that have multiple on-going interactions. It's more like having friends to bounce questions off of and getting their suggestions.


The big box stores are out.

Please, never shop there.

They do not offer the quality of the tools, wood products, finishes and professional expertise when you have woodworking questions.

For over 25-years I have used only one supplier for everything I have used in my hobby/business.

I’ve developed a mutual trust with them. They go out of their way to help me with technical advice, tools, wood, knobs, stains, etc., the whole shebang!

Their help with my questions over the years has been worth hundreds, maybe even a couple/three thousand dollars. Besides, they have reasonable prices on the finest products available.

But it’s all about the "relationship."

Besides they have free fast shipping for orders over $35.

Anyway, I firmly believe in having solid relationships.

On balance, I could be no prouder to suggest to you your use of Rockler Woodworking And Hardware. Start your own relationship and prosper.

Pricing Your Woodworking Treasures

I know your woodworking home business can produce outstanding crafted treasures.

So how do you price them?

Add up your time and materials cost. Price your time at $20 hr. Don't forget to add overhead costs like gas and electric and depreciation of tools. After all, this is a woodworking home business.

After this...

Well, I nearly always thought my prices were too high. I was scared my gems would not sell.

I finally got more comfortable with pricing my handcrafted crafts and furniture at a price that paid me well for my time (way more than $20 hr.) and materials.

The moral of the story is, “if you think the price of your item is way too high and no one will buy it, please add 30% more!!"


Quality sells. Period. 


If you’re seriously proud of the finished product, it WILL sell.

A Note About Marketing

Obviously, local stores that provide upscale craft and/or furniture are excellent sources for your woodworking home business products.

You can either sell your item(s) at a lower price (the retailer need at least a 40% mark-up) or, maybe they will consign it for you, paying you when it sells.

For me over the past 8-years or so, Internet sales have driven the bus.

Solid content about my products plus a ton of photographs and putting together a website that get found by folks looking for quality products, increased my sales four-fold. That’s one reason I had to work week nights.

Here is information on How To Judge A Website Builder whether you’re building a website yourself or having someone else do it.


It’s been a pleasure sharing my experience with you. All my best for your success.

Thank you for visiting Getting Started in the Most Profitable Woodworking Business.

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